Monday, November 14, 2011

Woodland Animals Preview from Autumn and Me! Class Los Angeles

Great Horned Owl comes to our Mommy and Me!

Preview from the Woodland visitors from the finale of Autumn and Me! playgroup...much more to come!!  Molly Hoban used to work for the Los Angeles Zoo and due to budget cuts had no choice but to take in the rescue wildlife that would have no other home.  She told us that great horned owls live about a year in the wild, but with nurturing in a captive environment, up to 50!  This beauty is 36 years-old!  Molly came to the finale of our Autumn and Me! class with a handful of beautiful creatures we would not have ever seen this close otherwise.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scenes from Autumn and Me Playgroup: Acorn Fairies

It was the first days of November, and all of the grown ups went to the pumpkin patch to pick the last of the pumpkins for pies, breads, soups and snacks.

They were busy working when an Autumn fairy came to them and said it was time to start putting on coats and hats because November was soon to be cold and grey.

The grown ups heeded the words of the fairy and went home to gather the coats and hats, and they found their children were out, playing, all over the village.

Thank you especially to the Antonia family who helped this magical story come alive.
They wondered how they would ever gather all of the children in time before it got too cold and grey.

Just then an acorn child came to them and said that the small hands of little girls and boys would help gather their little ones and dress them with their beautiful coats and caps.

And that they did, and the acorn children celebrated Autumn with the loving children.