Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lost and Found, Stories of Hope and the Human Heart

I have always wished their would be something truly uplifting on television; this is it, and watch it.

These two women were once girls who survived the Holocaust. Their respective families saved their lives by putting them on a ship to America to escape certain death, never to see their loved ones again.

They became instant and inseparable friends, who had only one another to relate an impossible reality.

Upon arrival in the U.S. they were adopted by different families and never saw one another again. Miraculously, by the determination of a group of teenagers in the Midwest, they are reunited more than 70 years later, a lifetime.

OWN network, thank you for offering this profound series, Lost and Found, which not only reveals the depth, constancy and unstoppable power of the human heart, but breathes the presence of a universal connectivity, a unified field, the pulse of us all.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Waldorf Speech, Wake up Your Words!

Let's build it! Years ago, parents kept urging me to have adult classes, and voila they are here. 

Speech for Parents and Educators is the most fun you will have on a Wednesday afternoon at 12:30PM hands down and guaranteed. 

Daniel has been a celebrated teacher for many moons and he leads of fun-filled and enlightening class that will wake up words for you. Why is this important? The same motivation you have for reading or story-telling with your little one in the first place--connection, literacy, ritual, and love. 

Not to be missed if you have ever been Waldorf-curious as well. In all of the beautiful gems of my teacher training, this was one of the most memorable and immediately useful.

Speech for Parents and Educators, Wednesday, January  23rd at The Besant Lodge.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Already Love You

It is not always like hot butter going through a knife or the other way around, rather. By nature, there is some kind of confidence enough to go forward with the classes I hold, and yet, never was I ready to perform at any age even if I had the ability. I was repeatedly reminded of the track and field incident where I insisted on not racing because I was terrified of the crowd, though at the time I did not know how to articulate that. 

So in my small world it is always a miracle when I find myself able to lead a playgroup and sing in front of anyone, and the reason I do this work is because I must be small enough somewhere to meet those children.

 I am doubly blessed when a parent connects with what I offer and even sings my praises. However, it is always a fearful confirmation when I get the opposite message even intuitively.

I have to remember at awkward times as these that I already love you before you've even walked through the gate, whether you will like me or not.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hooray! He's Back, Hooray

Can you believe it? I have dusted off my blog, and here I am again! New Year here I come.

I really appreciate the above image. I think it illustrates exactly my happy place, and where I'd really like to be and where I will ultimately wind up once upon a time. The children are each just perfectly in their private exposed glee and their grown-up holds a place for this and allows and soaks in and radiates out their glee like the sun.

I am very grateful and fulfilled to host playgroups out of my home. It is really a balance of my hoping to gracefully share the ideas and suggestions I have gathered from both experience and study, and my deep craving to connect with both the grown-ups and the little ones.

Oolah Woolah
Oolah Woolah
Olah Wolah Clap

Oolah Woolah 
Oolah Woolah
Olah Wolah Slap

Sits in the Sack

Pin Pun
Pin Pun
Pout Jumps Out

He's Back
Pin Pun Pin Pun
Pay and Away

-Wilma Ellersiek