Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Preschool Yoga Los Angeles

Yoga at the preschool age brings union to life. These young ones learn how to be in unity with one another and their own bodies. Preschoolers love to do yoga naturally, but it is facilitated when yoga is presented in the context of a song, poem, story or project.

Pictured are yoginis, Stella (Downward Dog) and Ewa (Plank) from our Westwood Class.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beachwood OTB Babies 12/30/08

Today our special activity was Mardi Gras Beads. We had hundreds of Mardi Gras necklaces for the babies to touch, see and understand! These babies loved the beads, they enjoyed tracking and feeling. Harper came to her very first OTB class, and she loved it! Wolf was so happy to jump for 5 monkeys! Sofia was totally engaged in every activity, especially the beads she was happy to just lie like a happy cat with fistfuls of necklaces in each paw. Anabelle focused very well throughout class. She was fixed on the Old MacDonald animals until she fell over, luckily she found her two fingers to help pacify her --good technique! All of the babies delighted in today's class :)

Toddler OTB Calabasas 12/30/08

The sensory tubes were a huge hit! The tots loved to explore the different tubes shake them and build. Jake had a really hard time today feeling comfortable in the class. He did like to play with the tubes on the sideline, and mom did a great job working with him. Cayde loves the drum, and he really took the reigns during Rockin Robin. Cayde did great!! with Dos Elefantes! He even bent down to go boom boom boom, a big achievement for a little guy. Sofie is so proud to know all of the Wheels on the Bus by heart; she worked really hard at Hola!, and was our only tot to put on the elephant mask for the whole song twice! Nate was very intrigued with the Sensory tubes he liked to explore the different objects inside, and finally figured out putting them inside the drum! Nate blew me a kiss at the end of class :) Woo Hoo!

Video! Silverlake Fingerpainting, Thanks Michael Porter!!

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Toluca Lake Young Baby OTB Class 12/30/08

Wow what an experience for these babies, so meaningful and detailed. After some wheels on the bus and monkey jumps, we let the babies explore sensory tubes filled with feathers, bells, beads, shapes, and balls. Nikko preferred the tubes that made sounds for cause and effect, he would tap tap tap and listen listen listen! Charlie loved to track the colorful shapes, and before clean-up attempted his own obstacle course crawling over three of the cylinders, wow, good idea! Charlotte woke up from her nap to the sensory tubes and it was business as usual, she jumped right into the activity exploring the different tubes and processing the differences. Chloe did amazing with mom, helping mom turn the tubes upside down to watch the effect. Theo and Mom did a great job switching from tube to tube like a ferris wheel of images to see. All of the babies did an amazing job with the curriculum! We tried something new and played soccer with 2 balls (one big sensory ball) at the same time, it was very exciting and stimulating!! The babies enjoyed the massage and lavender, and we hope they all get a good night's sleep.

Pictures to follow!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Silverlake Yoga Parent and Me 12/29/08

I am woman hear me roar! The mindful moms meditated through the asanas despite their little ones nursing, climbing on them, crying, and banging toys around! Impressive work, makes me want to have more of my own :) yoga students.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Yoga Los Angeles 12/27/08

These babies all but half a year-old, had a full yoga session and couldn't have been happier about it! They started in double pigeon ended with headstand and savasana! Wow, I hope the naps were record breaking :)

"Grace had another great nap yesterday....she snoozed for 2 hours after yoga and woke up with a gigantic smile on her face. Too cute."

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sherman Oaks Young Baby OTB Class 12/26/08

Almost all of the dads were in class (8 out of 10), and they loved it!! It was almost like having babies first class all over again, the dads were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and they all did amazing participating. The moms in this group are very accustomed to the curriculum and the babies as well. We had three new moms, and the babies seemed like old hats--I joked they must have picked up the vibe from the other babies--class is friendly!

Kids Yoga Hollywood Hills 12/27/08

The beauty of yoga is its constancy; it is a body of unity that does not bend but stays strong as a rock and gentle as a mother.

When kids approach yoga, their habits and personalities attempt to change yoga into something it is not. Joey learned today yoga is not karate :). No matter how many times he karate kicked his downward dog, it did not become pigeon pose until he surrendered. Joey took pigeon very far today and was able to place his hands alongside his hips rather than in front of his body--amazing work!

Michael is incredibly flexible and starting class in double-pigeon pose, posed no challenge for him. Breathing through the nose only in the pose was a little tricky. Two classes ago Michael did balance poses with assistance, but today, voila! tree pose unassisted!

Yoga requires the discipline of self-awareness and self-organization which suddenly evolves into self-confidence. Our major milestone today was that the group was able to synchronize with one another and breathe through their movements in truth hatha style.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Why Infant Yoga? Why Kids Yoga?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Los Angeles Young Baby OTB Class 12/21/08

What luck! This group of babies ALL LOVED to get deep into the painting. It seems consistent in all of the classes, that even the babies who love to get covered in paint do not appreciate other babies painting them In this case, Oliver, who came to his second finger painting class in a week--and loved it even more second time around--gave a little protest when Kaiylen started to paint his diaper. Lennon was right at home in the paint; he loved to mix the colors in the tray and then mix them even more on his body! Kaiylen was making a delicious snack of paint and paper and her masterpiece has the bite marks to prove it :) Yarden really loved to collaborate with Lennon on paintings, when she wasn't looking Lennon swapped paint trays with her. Yarden revisited her past life in Asia, and placed a perfect blue square over her Geisha lips--nice touch! S O M U C H F U N ! ! !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Yoga Los Angeles, Los Feliz 12/20/08

After a good stretch and massage together, it's easy to become fast friends. Good work Isabeau and Grace :)

"Izzy tried to crawl yesterday first time ever.
I don't know what it is, probably the yoga's class
Help. She was Super happy for the whole day after
The class. We are amazed and would like to say thank

Sherman Oaks Fingerpainting 12/19/08

Silverlake Fingerpainting 12/20/08

Here are some pics of our crazy babies painting today!! So much Fun! Thank God that stuff washed off easily in the tub. :) Thanks for a great class Betsy! -Courtney

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beachwood OTB Babies Painting 12/16/08

Hey Betsy,
Thanks again for a truly memorable class, Kiran (and I) had such a great time. Even my mom didn't freak out.
Here's some good photos of the crazy session that I'm passing along to you.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toddler Yoga Class Los Angeles Now Enrolling

A group is now organizing for toddler yoga starting at 18 months. If this is something you are interested in, please email with the days and times you are available for a 30 minute class.

Los Angeles Baby Yoga Class this Saturday 12/27/08 12noon

This week's class on Saturday 12noon will be hosted by Stephanie, Chris and Baby Grace in Los Feliz:

Please RSVP if you would like to come to class! Bring 2 blankets and some inner peace :)

The class not only demonstrates poses to keep baby's body open and strong through the growing process, but most of all sends the message of trust and communication through intimate touch.

The class is about 40 minutes long including infant massage. The class is $15 per family, 24 hour cancellation policy applies.

Please contact me with any questions about yoga in general or starting your own class 8 weeks-100 years :)

MidCity OTB Class 12/14/08

Everyone has grown so much!! Oliver is sitting--not yet 5 months old! Yarden is baby talking and scooting herself all over the place, she was so happy to be back in class!!! Milo was wearing a velour jogging suit, and we all joked he was a Soprano, especially when he grabbed Oliver by the bib :) James' first OTB class, and first time socializing! What fun! Milo and Yarden definitely loved to play with the moon blankets! James preferred the body scarves silent and delicate. Oliver loved his sensory rings and managed to put both his hand and foot through at the same time, as you can imagine, he toppled over :)

Kids Yoga Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills 12/13/08

Our first Hollywood Kids Yoga class together! We had a wonderful group of special needs and typical kids together, exemplifying the meaning of Namaste. All of the kids united in yoga whatever the gender, age or learning ability, and all did excellent with the postures. The kids all mastered tree pose, and I had the delight of decorating the trees! We learned that sitting tall and standing tall is not so simple, and with a little reminding everyone was strong as steel. We learned a variation of Extended Hand-to-Big Toe, Archer, Downward Dog and most of all letting go of thoughts and judgement and finding deep relaxation and self-confidence.

Baby Yoga Los Angeles, Los Feliz 12/13/08

Sophia is going to start teaching the class, because, much like her mama, she is a natural yogi. She is completely at home in the asana. Isabelle our youngest has certainly adapted to yoga after her fourth class, and willingly allows her mom to bring her into every pose. The practice at home as really paid off. Grace took her first class!!! and like the song says "it takes two," mom and dad, to bring every pose to its perfection. They all worked together as a family, and did great with every pose. Props to the parents for the flying angel baby squats--that was tough stuff, but it was so worth the glee!

Toddler Yoga Los Angeles, MidCity 12/13/08

Lucas joined the group this week, and he caught up quickly! Opal and Anabelle did a great job demonstrating all of our poses as co-teachers! We translated Where the Wild Things Are yoga style and everyone just loved being Wild, especially Will. We learned half-moon pose today, and everyone did it, with a little help from a friend! Lucas was really excited to be flying across the sky. Anabelle and Opal were great partners rowing their boats, and politely asked if they could sit on the same mat. Will did great making his own private boat also known as boat pose. Opal and Anabelle did it with no help at all. Lucas did not think he could, but he could!

Pictures soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sherman Oaks Young Baby OTB Class 12/12/08

Today's theme was compare contrast: moon blankets loud, opaque, colorless vs. body scarves silent, translucent, colorful. The babies got to feel above the moon as the mommies lifted the big moon blanket overhead gently rattling it to make the outer space sounds. We coupled that with the celestial body scarf experience gently floating the colorful scarves overhead and over body. Noah really got tickled by the passing scarf over his body. Paige is definitely a moon blanket aficionado, and Elliot said, "if you're not going to finish that, I'll eat it :)" It was clear to see that some babies really enjoyed the experience of the rough stuff, while others preferred the tranquility of the gentle--it will be neat to see who winds up in the city and country 20 years from now :) Charlie let us know when it was time to change activities, well done!

We played ball games: baby soccer, animal surprise, and sensory balls. Asher did great watching the process of mom rolling and then revealing the animal surprise! The babies did a great job tracking the soccer ball, kicking, and most of all taking turns.

Our last compare/contrast was sensory rings with soft rings. Layla and Julian definitely enjoyed investigating the difference.

Asher really flew during his monkey jumps, big smiles from all the babies! Declan did great reach reach reaching for his slinky so did Elliot!

I hope everyone gets a good night's sleep!

Video to Follow Soon--thanks Jamal!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beachwood Toddlers 12/11/08

Bunny hop hop hop! Our tots had to step one foot in and out of the hoop, and then hop hop hop! Everyone managed to walk around the hoop in circles, a great achievement! Next they had the option of crawling through the hoops, and everyone did great! Next we took out the balance balls and the tots had to use fancy footwork and profound focus to make it across! Sophia was really outstanding as she gripped the balls with her feet, her determination was clear. Taylor preferred to take one GIANT step across all of the balls, making her way across swiftly and effectively--cut to the chase lady! Ava did amazing as she proudly made her way across, she was so happy with herself and so were we. Diego really did great at waiting his turn, and he enthusiastically traversed the balls. Next we created the obstacle course crossing the balance balls, crawling underneath the bar, more balance balls, and finally through the hoop. The crawling through the hoop at the end posed the most obstacle for the group, with the exception of Sophia who would have dove through if she could, in fact, I think that is what she did. Ava declined the crawl through. Taylor ducked her head under and feet followed, ta da! and Diego with some encouragement also excitedly made his way through. As if that were not eventful enough, after we put away our gross motor activity we took out the Moon Blankets, loud opaque and what! And then the body scarves, quiet, translucent and ahhhh! Diego loved the moon blankets, he could have shook the up down and all around all day. Ava preferred the quiet scarves peekaboo! Taylor loved the whole shebang, in fact she dove into a pile of moon blankets and scarves and buried her head inside smiling with elation. Sophia did great holding the parachute giving the blankets and scarves a fly. Ava and Taylor joined her too! What a great class, definitely enjoyed cool down/snack time!

Send pics if you have them :)

A Blog is Born

Hi Moms and Dads and Friends!

I am so excited! I have been promising a blog about the classes I lead, and I have finally started, yay!!! I called this blog Tree Pose:

A) a blog for families
B) growth and development
C) obvious yoga reference :)

You can find a review of the class your baby/child attended and hopefully photos to match--please email me to post :) This way, you can see your baby/child in the eyes of the teacher--how cool!!! and your friends and family can see too!

I hope everyone loves this feature, please feel free to post comment, etc.


Love, Betsy