Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Toluca Lake Young Baby OTB Class 12/30/08

Wow what an experience for these babies, so meaningful and detailed. After some wheels on the bus and monkey jumps, we let the babies explore sensory tubes filled with feathers, bells, beads, shapes, and balls. Nikko preferred the tubes that made sounds for cause and effect, he would tap tap tap and listen listen listen! Charlie loved to track the colorful shapes, and before clean-up attempted his own obstacle course crawling over three of the cylinders, wow, good idea! Charlotte woke up from her nap to the sensory tubes and it was business as usual, she jumped right into the activity exploring the different tubes and processing the differences. Chloe did amazing with mom, helping mom turn the tubes upside down to watch the effect. Theo and Mom did a great job switching from tube to tube like a ferris wheel of images to see. All of the babies did an amazing job with the curriculum! We tried something new and played soccer with 2 balls (one big sensory ball) at the same time, it was very exciting and stimulating!! The babies enjoyed the massage and lavender, and we hope they all get a good night's sleep.

Pictures to follow!

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