Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wilderness and Me! Toddler Class Los Angeles, CA

A unique parent-and-me class (nannies and grannies too!) where will learn about ourselves and nature through song, craft and play!  We will take supported risks climbing   tree ladders and find woodland creatures in our miniature woods, perhaps a family of gnomes too.  We will work together to create art, and we will sing together around our creative campfire, sleeping bags and all!
At our last class we will meet nature's own: owls, foxes, skunks and more with their caregiver.
Sundays 10AM, September 17th-October 8th

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby and Me, Mommy-and-Me Class Los Angeles, CA

Baby and Me Class

A gentle yet memorable 2-hour mommy group where we spend hands on time with baby as well as hands off.
We will practice infant massage, yoga, brain gym movements, as well as let the babies be to explore or rest while we learn dance with a soothing bellydance teacher for the first half of the 6-week session and an african dancer for the second half. We will make organic baby's toys wool felting balls and other items, and painting wooden toys with watercolor and beeswax polish.
A nurturing and supportive environment, inspired by Waldorf Early Education and Brain Gym, to play and learn with other moms and their newest additions.
Wednesdays September 7th-October 12th
Hollywood Hills, CA

Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Play With Me! New Mommy and Me Toddler Class Los Angeles, CA

Let's play with water!
Water Play with Me!  New Toddler Playgroup Los Angeles, CA
Thursdays at 11AM, September 8th-29th 2011,  Hollywood Hills, CA.

Multi-age parent and me class (mommies, daddies, nannies, grannies) appropriate for crawlers and walkers through age 5.
We will explore the many ways to play with water from making mud, to washing the doll's clothes or our tricycles or small handheld cars, to fishing in the opaque man-made swamp.
Why Water?
From Water Play is Essential Play in Early Childhood:
Water play is open-ended offering opportunities for social interactions, physical skills and concept development, including:
-Scientific investigation.
-Soothing sensory exploration.
-Connection with natural materials.
-Full body engagement.
-Hand-eye coordination and the manipulative skills of lifting, pouring, controlling.
-Mathematical and scientific concepts of heavy/light, float/sink, full/empty, shallow/deep, and learn about measuring, estimating, and conservation of volume.
-Concentration and problem solving skills.

It Made the Children Laugh and Play: Baby Animals and Me! Toddler Class Los Angeles, CA

Daddy and Me

2 year-old Boy, 2 month-old Gosling

Love Children

Gosling jumps in!

Toad jumps in!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everybody, In the Pool! Toddler Class Los Angeles, CA

Thank goodness I know Elizabeth Antonia because what an amazing photographer and mom, not in that order.  She has some great photos on The Littlest of our July toddler class, Baby Animals and Me!  

So glad you and your little one were there.

Paint With Me! Mommy and Me Art Class September Hollywood, CA

An inspired art class for the youngest ones in the family and the people who love them:  Paint with Me!
We will explore different ways of painting with young children where process not product is the intent, and yet the products are pretty wonderful too!  This is a mixed-aged class- sitting babies through age 5 welcome.  Inspired by play, messy art, sensory integration activities and waldorf early education.
Mondays 9:30AM
September 12th-October 3rd

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Garden, a Harbor, a Holy Place: Scenes from Baby Animals (Dinosaurs) and Me! Toddler Class Los Angeles, CA

The twelve senses and their relation to the home are helpful to consider as we create homes for our children:  1. Touch--the experience of the skin meeting whatever is just beyond it--soft, hard, smooth or bumpy, the pleasure of a warm hug or the pain of falling down on a rock.  Touch gives us the experience of the boundaries of our bodies.

2. Life sense--the feeling of being well or of feeling ill, being hungry or full, in pain or contented.

3. Self-movement--gestures, walking or crawling, reaching and holding, the ability to be free in our movement and the realization of the limits of our movement.

Excerpt from Making a Family Home by Shannon Honeybloom