Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Play With Me! New Mommy and Me Toddler Class Los Angeles, CA

Let's play with water!
Water Play with Me!  New Toddler Playgroup Los Angeles, CA
Thursdays at 11AM, September 8th-29th 2011,  Hollywood Hills, CA.

Multi-age parent and me class (mommies, daddies, nannies, grannies) appropriate for crawlers and walkers through age 5.
We will explore the many ways to play with water from making mud, to washing the doll's clothes or our tricycles or small handheld cars, to fishing in the opaque man-made swamp.
Why Water?
From Water Play is Essential Play in Early Childhood:
Water play is open-ended offering opportunities for social interactions, physical skills and concept development, including:
-Scientific investigation.
-Soothing sensory exploration.
-Connection with natural materials.
-Full body engagement.
-Hand-eye coordination and the manipulative skills of lifting, pouring, controlling.
-Mathematical and scientific concepts of heavy/light, float/sink, full/empty, shallow/deep, and learn about measuring, estimating, and conservation of volume.
-Concentration and problem solving skills.


  1. how long is each class? how much? where is it? do i have to pre-register or can we drop in?

  2. Hi Kumbi,

    The class time is slated for 45 minutes; however, it may run up to 1.5 hours--families are encouraged to get to class on time (early) and leave at the pace that is right for them. Many bring a lunch and stay. The session is $85 with 10% off before August 15th. The class is at a private home in Hollywood. You must pre-register; however, you can buy a single class.

    Good questions,