Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beachwood Toddlers 12/11/08

Bunny hop hop hop! Our tots had to step one foot in and out of the hoop, and then hop hop hop! Everyone managed to walk around the hoop in circles, a great achievement! Next they had the option of crawling through the hoops, and everyone did great! Next we took out the balance balls and the tots had to use fancy footwork and profound focus to make it across! Sophia was really outstanding as she gripped the balls with her feet, her determination was clear. Taylor preferred to take one GIANT step across all of the balls, making her way across swiftly and effectively--cut to the chase lady! Ava did amazing as she proudly made her way across, she was so happy with herself and so were we. Diego really did great at waiting his turn, and he enthusiastically traversed the balls. Next we created the obstacle course crossing the balance balls, crawling underneath the bar, more balance balls, and finally through the hoop. The crawling through the hoop at the end posed the most obstacle for the group, with the exception of Sophia who would have dove through if she could, in fact, I think that is what she did. Ava declined the crawl through. Taylor ducked her head under and feet followed, ta da! and Diego with some encouragement also excitedly made his way through. As if that were not eventful enough, after we put away our gross motor activity we took out the Moon Blankets, loud opaque and what! And then the body scarves, quiet, translucent and ahhhh! Diego loved the moon blankets, he could have shook the up down and all around all day. Ava preferred the quiet scarves peekaboo! Taylor loved the whole shebang, in fact she dove into a pile of moon blankets and scarves and buried her head inside smiling with elation. Sophia did great holding the parachute giving the blankets and scarves a fly. Ava and Taylor joined her too! What a great class, definitely enjoyed cool down/snack time!

Send pics if you have them :)

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