Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kids Yoga Hollywood Hills 12/27/08

The beauty of yoga is its constancy; it is a body of unity that does not bend but stays strong as a rock and gentle as a mother.

When kids approach yoga, their habits and personalities attempt to change yoga into something it is not. Joey learned today yoga is not karate :). No matter how many times he karate kicked his downward dog, it did not become pigeon pose until he surrendered. Joey took pigeon very far today and was able to place his hands alongside his hips rather than in front of his body--amazing work!

Michael is incredibly flexible and starting class in double-pigeon pose, posed no challenge for him. Breathing through the nose only in the pose was a little tricky. Two classes ago Michael did balance poses with assistance, but today, voila! tree pose unassisted!

Yoga requires the discipline of self-awareness and self-organization which suddenly evolves into self-confidence. Our major milestone today was that the group was able to synchronize with one another and breathe through their movements in truth hatha style.

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