Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Already Love You

It is not always like hot butter going through a knife or the other way around, rather. By nature, there is some kind of confidence enough to go forward with the classes I hold, and yet, never was I ready to perform at any age even if I had the ability. I was repeatedly reminded of the track and field incident where I insisted on not racing because I was terrified of the crowd, though at the time I did not know how to articulate that. 

So in my small world it is always a miracle when I find myself able to lead a playgroup and sing in front of anyone, and the reason I do this work is because I must be small enough somewhere to meet those children.

 I am doubly blessed when a parent connects with what I offer and even sings my praises. However, it is always a fearful confirmation when I get the opposite message even intuitively.

I have to remember at awkward times as these that I already love you before you've even walked through the gate, whether you will like me or not.

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