Friday, January 18, 2013

Waldorf Speech, Wake up Your Words!

Let's build it! Years ago, parents kept urging me to have adult classes, and voila they are here. 

Speech for Parents and Educators is the most fun you will have on a Wednesday afternoon at 12:30PM hands down and guaranteed. 

Daniel has been a celebrated teacher for many moons and he leads of fun-filled and enlightening class that will wake up words for you. Why is this important? The same motivation you have for reading or story-telling with your little one in the first place--connection, literacy, ritual, and love. 

Not to be missed if you have ever been Waldorf-curious as well. In all of the beautiful gems of my teacher training, this was one of the most memorable and immediately useful.

Speech for Parents and Educators, Wednesday, January  23rd at The Besant Lodge.

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