Friday, January 15, 2010

Children's Yoga Los Angeles

Useful information:

Giving your child the benefit of socializing with a group of mixed-age children is such an enhancement to their self-awareness and self-confidence, and some believe it can actually to lead to higher i.q.'s, but don't hold me to that!

Movement is the biggest anchor for learning, this is why yoga is such a fun and productive way to learn songs and stories. 

Children under the age of 7 learn the most about their world and how it works throughmimicking!  Around 15 months is the time when toddlers first experience themselves as separate from their parents, and learn to identify with their peers.  However, the way that they come to understand and learn about their environment is mimicking everything--for better or worse ;)

What will class be like:

Our yoga is preschool yoga, so it will be musical, merry and theatrical with all of the traditional yoga asanas woven throughout.  We will learn to become aware of our breath through the same play.

The first few classes--will depend largely (if not soley) on grown-up involvement.  Some toddlers will mimic as they observe with no need to process, some will need to only observe the yoga play (might look either like a deer in the headlights or distracted) and then tend to practice at home.

For this reason, this class will also include many other activities in hopes to appeal to all of the senses and toddler personalities.  Eventually with repetition, the class will become familiar and everyone will be universally confident and yoga-ready!

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