Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Sensory Integration

One of the most exciting new developments in my work is the expansion of yoga, movement and music into sensory integration activities. As I began to develop a website, the name of the site perplexed me. The designer and I came up with "Yogarama," because my classes have gone beyond just yoga, and have become a balanced offering of many and multiple platforms. One of my newest and new favorite kinds of classes is the "Dig With Me" class. A couple of creative and educated moms asked me if I could offer them less yoga and more hands on messy fun. We have had the "Paint with Me" session, which included: fruit/veggie painting, waldorf wet-on-wet, bubble painting, and body painting. And next "Waterplay with Me" where we had a carwash, swampy fishing, under umbrellas and tie dye. I so enjoyed the experience, that I no longer wish to call the classes I teach Yogarama but "Dig with Me." "Dig with Me" will be the next session we do, but the idea is endless: unique, hands-on, sensory-integrated Mommy-and-Me classes (or dad, nanny, grandma).

As parents and educators, we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sensory integration, and luckily most preschools offer a great deal of this kind of fun. For those who have never heard of such a thing and wonder why they would want to introduce it into their young child's life is a little info from the website, www.sensory-processing-disorder.com:

Sensory Integration Activities are the lifeline to providing and achieving the necessary challenges for your child so they maximize:

  • daily functioning

  • intellectual, social, and emotional development

  • the development of a positive self-esteem

  • a mind and body which is ready for learning

  • positive interactions in the world around him

  • the achievement of normal developmental milestones

The great news is... sensory integration activities are unbelievably funand a necessary part of development for any child, whether they have a sensory processing disorder or not. Sensory integration activities are activities that should be used with any child if normal sensory development is one of your goals (hint... it should be).

From the womb into adulthood, our neurological systems are developing
and processing an overwhelming amount of sensory information every day.
Our system must then interpret this information and make it ready to be
tolerated and used for specific purposes.

If this normal developmental process is hindered in any way, it can cause detrimental effects.
Proper intake and use of sensory input is absolutely critical to a child's maturation process and the building of core, foundational skills. I certainly can not stress this enough... it isthat important!

The best part about sensory integration activities is the creative fun
you can have coming up with ideas, playing with your child using sensory
input, or purchasing unique toys and products anyone would love! (I'll be honest, sometimes adults need and love these products as much as, if not more than, the child!)

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