Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toddler Yoga

"Hey Bets! My daughter keeps asking me to show her yoga poses, cause she sees me do it, but i don't know exactly what to show her that would be interesting and productive at her age... she can't really do any poses yet... so do u have any info anywhere on yoga poses for toddlers?"

Good question! All babies, in fact, all children under age seven, learn the most through imitation so you doing yoga in front of her is the perfect start!  Get her a mat of her own because it is a special place for her own practice and gives some structure, make sure you announce "yoga time!" even if it is a five minute session.

The best thing would be to find a teacher with expertise in teaching yoga to toddlers and their parents who will be able to "play" yoga with your child; however, if that is not an available option where you live or you want to supplement at home, here are some great products for home use:

You can do the Yoga Kids dvd together, she will be able to do more of them if she sees you do them in front of her.  Also, you can help her find the poses by adjusting and spotting her.  The songs are sweet and the poses are very kid friendly.

A great yoga reference book for parents of young toddlers.

Snatam Kaur is such a wonderful kundalini yoga practitioner that I am compelled to recommend this dvd though I have not yet seen it myself.  Can't wait!

Remember you can do yoga with babies as well and a great reference book is Itsy Bitsy Yoga, same author (different book than the toddler):

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