Saturday, May 5, 2012

Down to Connection

A genuine love of family, a profound feeling towards children propels my consciousness, guides me through my life's work.  I can't seem to listen to enough (conversations about) children, period.

I have been fortunate to attend two interesting lectures concerning early childhood in the past month.  One with Dr. Reggie Melrose at Maple Village Waldorf School and the other with Polly Elam at the RIE conference.  (I intend to write about those in more detail.)

A practical approach to parenthood and personhood is what I crave from life first and foremost--when I  am not doing it, I am learning about it.  Ultimately, there is a marked difference between knowing about something and being it.

And, though I imagine I will always attend and engage in conversations about the ways to see children and be with them, I probably have most singularly been influenced by my spiritual teacher, David Hawkins.  When asked how to be the best teacher for children, he offers, just love them, they know when you love them, they get it instantly.

When I reflect on what informs or at least navigates my approach, I would say I rely most heavily on an instant connection.  I feel the rainbow bridge, I see One, when I look into the eyes of my young friends.

Very grateful to pause for a moment and acknowledge that I am in the vortex of what I want to be when I grow up.  

I suppose out of love arises all of the right suggestions.

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