Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making Peg Dolls

While there may not be a Burning Bush, it is clear there is a Power greater than myself. I have been so delighted with pleasant surprises lately. I don't know if they didn't used to happen or if I did just not receive them. 

Today I received an email from Margaret at We Bloom Here with a Lifeways book offering, pennies from Heaven as far as I am concerned--there are endless books out there for me, I have to pace myself. 

An unexpected letter, a gift from someone out there, offers so much more than meets the eye. How deeply meaningful it is to follow the path that is mine, and have put myself "out there" over the years and today.

Margaret's is a blog I always check out when I am in the blogosphere. There is nothing she can't do with a peg doll, and the pictures alone tickle me. I am so happy to announce to all of my crafty friends and Waldorf people, Hawthorn Press has just published Margaret's book, Making Peg Dolls!

I encourage you to buy her book, read her blog post about how meaningful these dolls can be for children of all ages:

It's the little things after all.

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