Saturday, February 12, 2011

If I Knew You Were Coming, Playgroup Los Angeles, CA

Strictly Business.

  As part of learning about upcoming 2nd Birthdays, our preschoolers tackled the task of putting the icing on the cake (blueberry muffin and whipped cream).  

The first objective: to discover for themselves the concept that the icing shared some connection with the cake--eating it did not even occur to these guys until the grown-ups started digging in :)  

For the most part, the main attraction was exploring and investigating the creamy icing and eventually putting some on the cake.  

These toddlers practiced eye-hand coordination, tactile play, sensory integration: smell, taste, weight and feel, and some socialization and sharing; you can tell how seriously this task was just by looking at them.

Happy 2nd Birthday! from Playgroup Los Angeles

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