Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beachwood Babies OTB Class 01/06/08

Everyone was so happy to be back in class--especially the moms who had their share of stimulation traveling with baby in tow :) Watson has been out of town for 2 months--he is so happy to be in class and he sat right next to me, yay! Desmond has grown so much, when he started coming to class focusing and tracking was developing, now he is a tracking master :)! Desmond had to cuddle with mom near the end of the tubes session (and later body scarves)--lots of sensory input!--but otherwise he was a shining star. Sophia now laughs! when she jumps during 5 little monkeys; even if you just say "monkeys" to her she laughs! So exciting, she started class when she was just 12 weeks and now she is 7 months! Kiran was out of town for a few weeks and used so much play energy that he had to nurse to sleep after the sensory tubes--he was enthralled with them! Emerson came to his first class, he really adjusted well, mom and dad came and they too did great!! Izzy was so happy to jump she was smiling! Mom did a great job with the sensory tubes! Wolf made friends with Sophia and they even had a momentary hand-holding session :) Lalita looked like such a big girl in her blue jeans, and she was 100% involved in class--especially for Old MacDonald's Farm!

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