Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Buttons in Beverlywood OTB 01/14

These babies were so ready for Buttons Bonanza, they spotted the box and it was on! Almost all of the babies in this class are walking. We learned Hola! today and London, our explorer, sat on my lap and demonstrated how-to :) The tots were completely enthralled in the phones. London preferred the phones with people on them. Olivia and her mom liked to make them bang together! Charley liked to feel the different buttons. Daniel liked to pick up a phone from the pile and give to mom. Abby liked to tell me what the phone was for, "call." Abigail liked to take the phones and put them on the furniture. Everyone did great. This group needed innovation when it came to the carwash, the swish swish did not last as long without some peekabo and chasing streamers as they passed along the floor.

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