Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cell Phones, Remotes and Cameras--Beachwood 01/13

Woo Hoo, this was the babies dream come true. Everyone of these babies could have played with the phones and remotes endlessly. There was even an occasion when Gaia and Lennon were eyeing the same remote and Lennon spread his fingers wide and gently covered the phone with his hand, saying I got this one babe. Gaia also figured out to pretend play and she held each phone to her ear and said dadadadada. Harper's dad also pretended with her and held up a phone and said I got to call you back I've got Gaia on the other line :) We warmed up with 5 little monkeys and it is a close call between Sofia, Lennon and Wolf who is the happiest jumping monkey--pure joy! The babies loved Carwash! Some liked it hot, some liked it cold, some liked it in the pot 9 days old. Isaac liked when the ribbons were immobile and then frenetic, some babies preferred the swish swish swish. Charlotte and Chloe were feeling the carwash vibe. All of the babies were ready for the cool down, lavender dreams foot massage peace.

Hope some pics to follow!

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