Saturday, September 10, 2011

Playgroup Playsilks!

Seven years have passed, babyhood has swiftly become childhood.  I love my little seven year-old.

And at such a time in her childhood, I am so grateful to begin and savor babyhood once more.

I am so fulfilled that my mommy-and-me playgroup crafts and dances with postnatal grace among the nursing, eating, discussing, cooing, crying and spitting-up.  

We dyed playsilks this week, and it is so nice to create what will become a treasured keepsake, a sense memory one day, of the fleeting time when our children were babies.  

My seven year-old has taught me that one day these silks will become the roof of a fort, mermaid tail, or a fairy's cape.  Today they are a teething toy, peek-a-boo game, and a colorful cave, a wormhole into a quiet world for just baby and me.

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