Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Playgroup Los Angeles Baby and Toddler Classes Begin in 2 Weeks!

Babies are such blessings, it seems all of our lives expand in every way from the moment they arrive.

  I have been teaching classes for babies and toddlers (and kids and grown-ups too!) for years now really just to soak up more of that joy.  This year, I have been given the gift of having my own beautiful new baby, and with it, has come the birth of my own beautiful new classes, Playgroup Los Angeles.  

With the new addition, I want to offer valuable classes based on all of my work and education without traveling all over the city all the livelong day, as I have to date, so I can be closer to baby.  

Yes, one day there will be travel again, I am so grateful that some of you have asked, but for now please come and join me at home!

Please visit the website for the upcoming September classes, which start in just 2 weeks!  Summer really flew this year.

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