Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Under the Sky: You Can Judge a Book By It's Cover

I am fortunate that there are endless books I want to read, and usually there are a few I am reading at one time.

I am so pleased that I just had to read this one sooner based on cover and title alone: Under the Sky: Playing, Working and Enjoying Adventures in the Open Air, and it didn't disappoint.

In fact, I am reminded of the life-altering seminar I took with Carla Hannaford where we watched a documentary film of children who went to a Forest School, and how moved I was; if only I  could send my own children to school there.

Sally Schweizer's book couldn't have come at a better time than when I am planning for my next series of classes.

I needed an inspirational reminder that children, when given the opportunity to take calculated risks, will reap great rewards of attunement, spatial awareness and self-confidence, and it is even okay to fall, and children, left to their own devices, get up and do it over again.

(Most importantly, Sally reminded me to include the tree rope ladder as part of the curriculum for Wilderness and Me!  Thank you Ms. Schweizer.)

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